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Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the dramatic conclusion to the game, as Cloud and his friends face off against Sephiroth in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the end of the world.

This page acts as a comprehensive walkthrough of Chapter 14 within FF7 Rebirth.

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  • Chapter 14 - End of the World
    • Jenova Lifeclinger Boss Fight
    • Sephiroth Boss Fight
    • Sephiroth Reborn Boss Fight
      • Cloud vs. Sephiroth Reborn
      • Bahamut Arisen Whisper Phase
      • Zack vs. Sephiroth Reborn
      • Barret, Yuffie, and Red XIII vs. Sephiroth Reborn
      • Cloud and Aerith vs. Sephiroth
    • Ending

Chapter 14 - End of the World

As helicopters ferry the Turks, Rufus, and Hojo back to Midgar, Hojo and Rufus agree that Shinra's aspirations should be greatly expanded. Meanwhile, Zack prepares to ride down the Corkscrew Tunnel but has to decide between going down one of two tunnels - prevent the reactor explosion and join Biggs, or go to Shinra HQ to find Hojo for a cure for Cloud.

Flashing back to his conversation with Marlene about how Aerith will die, he ultimately decides to go to Shinra HQ to save Cloud. After he departs, a rainbow-colored lifesteam runs down the other tunnel track. In Aerith's home, Cloud wakes up from his wheelchair as Aerith explains they are essentially in her dream.

Head downstairs and join Aerith outside, noting the rift in the sky. As the pair head into the district, Aerith continues to act strangely as she asks for you to pick her a gift from a stall. You can choose between 3 items:

  • Pink hairclip
  • Gold bracelet
  • Stamp figurine

Regardless of your choice, the vendor gives you a different pin for Aerith, and thanks you both in a somber fashion. Aerith then leads you by the hand to a nearby candy stall where you can make a choice, but again the vendor presents you with a different treat regardless of your choice. As you give feedback on the sweet, the vendor laments that they all don't have more time. Meanwhile in the lobby of the Shinra building, Zack confronts a platoon of Shinra troopers on his bike, riding directly towards them.

Back with Aerith and Cloud, she senses Sephiroth as he proclaims to have found her in a world accepting its fate. She'll then lead you up to a photographer where each pair will compete to strike the best pose for a picture. Choose whichever one you'd like as the screen flashes white.


Within the Sector 6 Reactor, Zack meets with Biggs who explains that the reactor isn't running, and the lifestream has therefore been bled dry. Resigning to the fact that the planet is doomed, Biggs accidentally knocks the explosive off the edge and it detonates anticlimactically down below.

As Zack reassures Biggs that he isn't useless and that a lot of people care about him, Biggs is shot in the back and killed. As Shinra troopers surround Zack, he rushes forward and off the edge into the reactor below.

Back with the photographer, Cloud confronts Aerith about what exactly is going on, and she promises to fill him in once they reach their spot. Follow Aerith briefly as the screen flashes to white once again.

Outside the church in Sector 5, Zack sits on the steps as Sephiroth calmly walks past him. Confronting him, Sephiroth nonchalantly slices at Zack causing a rift in the floor that Whispers drag Zack down through.

As Zack falls, he is saved by White Whispers and guided towards a light in the distance as yellow flower petals float by. Inside the church, Aerith reveals how deeply she cares for Cloud before giving him her white materia. As he takes it, Aerith thanks him for everything before pushing him through a portal in the floor just as Sephiroth walks through the doors.

As Cloud falls, Sephiroth speaks with him about how the planet contains a multitude of worlds, with countless branching paths and timelines emerging as the "boundaries of fate are breached". He explains that worlds will wither and die, regardless of how much they resist, and that it is a homecoming, not death.

Cloud eventually lands in a dark forest as Whispers float before him. Defeat the three Whispers ahead of you and keep heading along the path, killing additional Whispers as they appear. Pushing on further into the forest beyond, Aerith will pop out from behind a tree who tells Cloud to focus on finding himself, as she can deal with Sephiroth. Returning the white materia to her, she gives Cloud a transluscent orb in return.


Follow Aerith as she walks away and eventually the white Whispers will grow too numerous as they swarm you. Dropping down to the ground, press and hold R2 and L2 as prompted before the screen fades to white. Returning to Cloud and Aerith after their fall from the tendril, flashes reveal that Aerith headed off ahead alone. As Cloud comes to, Red XIII speaks of an ancient city up ahead that Aerith has gone to in search of a special altar.

Walk down along the path through the Sleeping Forest as each party member hangs back one at a time to speak with Cloud. At the very far end of the trek through the forest, you'll emerge overlooking the Forgotten Capital.

As the party head forward, Sephiroth arrives with cataclysmic power and opens a rift in the sky. The lifestream pours through and merges worlds together in the beginning of the reunion.

Drop down off the various ledges and you'll be confronted by 4 white Whispers which you'll need to defeat. The Whispers swarm the entrance to the structure ahead, but the party resolve themselves to push through, creating a narrow gap that Cloud that breach through.

Inside the Planet's Sanctuary, go down the slope and take the elevator that appears by stepping in the middle of the platform. At the bottom of the elevator, you'll be able to use the final Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines of the game in the alcove to the left.

When you're ready, head up along the steps and continue slowly pushing on as the Whispers clash against you. Eventually you'll reach Aerith as she is praying, holding R2 and L2 as prompted to close the distance in the final few steps. The Whispers then swirl around Cloud's sword and raise it in the air against his will. To fight against them repeatedly press L2 and R2.

As Aerith opens her eyes at the end of the prayer, Sephiroth plunges down from above with his sword ready to strike. Cloud manages to strike and stop the sword just before it hits Aerith, sending out waves of multi-colored light.


With the blade deflected, the swarm of Whispers disappears outside, letting the rest of the party rush inside. The screen glitches as blood pours down and Sephiroth pulls his sword out of Aerith's back, with her collapsing to the floor as her white materia falls off the edge of the platform into the water below. Cloud cradles Aerith as Sephiroth cackles, the screen continuing to flicker.

Aerith assures Cloud that everything will be fine as the others arrive, with flashes of a reality with pools of blood, and those without. Sephiroth comments on the converging of different realities, and as the party prepare to go on the offensive a terrifying version of Jenova, named Jenova Lifeclinger, emerges.

Jenova Lifeclinger Boss Fight

Jenova Lifeclinger
Lesser/Greater ResistancesIce (L), Wind (L), Stop (G)
ImmunitiesProportional Damage, Poison, Stone, Morphable Items
Enemy IntelN/A

A large, very tall entity, Jenova Lifeclinger presents a very real threat despite it's relative immobility. The fight will begin with "Contaminant Expulsion" where Jenova pulls in 3 party members before exploding them outward, removing them from the party.

This'll happen with Red XIII, Barret, and Cait Sith first. This will then be repeated later in the fight where it'll remove one of your active party members each time. At around 75% health it'll perform it for the final time, forcing you into a 1v1 situation.

"Azure Resplendence" sees Jenova stick two of its tendrils into the ground immediately in front of itself, firing out blue flames that trace along the ground of the arena towards you. Whilst you can dodge out of the way as the flame(s) reach you, the attack can be evaded entirely if you get up into the air and stay there by using attacks.

A ranged attack is "Vengeance", where Jenova fires dozens of purple beams in quick succession from its wings halfway up its body, and can be mostly avoided simply by running around and switching direction if/when needed.


Another is "Eye of Providence" where Jenova summons a blue orb that'll appear on your position before gently detonating. Again if you're on the move then it'll lock in place well behind you and the radius of the detonation is miniscule.

Jenova Lifeclinger can disappear into the floor and then reappear in a different spot on the outer perimeter of the arena, but if you keep locked on you won't lose track of its movements. It can also whip down one of its tendrils vertically, and then drag it across the floor in a horizontal semi-circular sweep.

Every so often Jenova Lifeclinger will summon a fleshy barrier around itself that'll make it immune to damage. Using a spell like Fira can immediately break this barrier and force Jenova to become immediately Pressured.

"Mourning Wail" is an AoE attack in which Jenova rears up and roars, emitting a shockwave that'll throw you backward if it makes contact, and leaves a swirling vortex around itself for a short period that'll keep you at a distance.

"Castigate" is similar but has Jenova cast out a toxic cloud on the ground around itself, which can be avoided by staying away or by keeping up in the air.

"Lachrymal Exhale" is a rarer attack where Jenova will begin spewing large toxic bubbles from one side of the arena to the other.

If possible, quickly rush to the opposite side of the arena from where the attack starts and get up close to the side of Jenova to be in a safe spot.

At around 50% health, Jenova will destroy the confines of the arena allowing your party to rejoin you. With its new extended wings, it can perform a wide number of new ranged attacks; firing out small blue homing projectiles, rain down the same projectiles directly from above, and emit giant red persisting beams that you'll want to stay on the middle of until they dissipate.


"Desecration" also has Jenova firing out a series of smaller red lasers from its lower wings, which will begin hitting the floor directly in front of it, before slowly rising up to eventually reach the opposite side of the arena. The sporadic nature of the projectiles however mean that more often than not you won't have to do anything to avoid major damage.

At around 25% health, Jenova Lifeclinger will destroy the floor of the arena, sending party members off in different pairings as they all enter freefall alongside Jenova. With Tifa and Cait Sith first, target and attack the Right Wing ASAP, using the Limit Breaks which charge very quickly during these segments for all party members.

Upon crippling the wing, control switches to Barret and Red XIII where you'll want to repeat the process by targeting and attack the Left Wing with your Limit Breaks. Finally comes Cloud and Yuffie, where you'll be targeting the Head.

After doing so, the party will trigger a series of team-up attacks in freefall, slamming Jenova Lifeclinger into the ground below. For this final section of the fight Jenova can cast "Sanguinary Flames", spewing multiple flaming red fireballs from its mouth into the air that spiral down and home in towards you.

  • 3,300 EXP, 10 AP, 2,200 Gil, 50 Party EXP

Jenova Lifeclinger

Upon defeating Jenova Lifeclinger, Whispers will swarm around once more as your HP and MP are fully restored. The screen flashes white as Zack runs around an empty white space before spotting Cloud frozen in the distance.

After touching Cloud, they are both immediately teleported to a strange realm where Sephiroth confronts them both.


Sephiroth Boss Fight

ImmunitiesProportional Damage, Berserk, Deprotect, Deshell, Debrave, Defaith, Slow, Stop, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Petrify, Stone, Morphable Items
Enemy IntelN/A

Sephiroth is, as you would anticipate, is a formidable opponent and poses the largest threat of the game. He can perform a number of slashes and swipes with his sword, none of which are individually too dangerous but if you're caught in combos consistently your health can quickly be whittled down.

With Zack on your side you can both perfect block these attacks and build up stagger much faster than you'd expect. Sephiroth can also launch directly up into the air and perform a downward thrusting stab (akin to what he did to Aerith), sending out a minor shockwave around him as he lands.

He can also dart backward before thrusting towards you, gliding across the arena in a stabbing motion, and can also send out a wave of energy at range that flies towards you. Both can be dodged easily if your reflexes are fast enough, but don't worry too much even if they do make contact as the fight overall will end faster than anticipated if you maintain pressure throughout and close the distance effectively while avoiding attacks.

One particular attack to be aware of is "Skewer" where Sephiroth will vanish temporarily before reappearing suddenly directly next to you and stab upward. You'll want to time your dodge so that just after Sephiroth reappears, you hit the dodge roll.

Sephiroth can also fire out a purple orb projectile that will send you into the air if it makes contact, and Sephiroth will follow that up with an aerial combo of slashes before slamming you down.

Of course, Sephiroth can also use "Octaslash", standing in place with Masamune raised. If you're unable to interrupt it with a stagger, you'll be exposed to a giant string of slashes that you won't be able to do much about except take the brunt of.


"Octaslash Prime" closes it out, where Sephiroth dashes past you and has a delayed additional number of slashes in his wake (Elden Ring fans will certainly be experiencing flashbacks with this one).

As you get Sephiroth's health to 0, he will launch into the air and send a slash down that splits the arena in two, sending Zack spiralling away as he shouts to Cloud to continue the fight. Sephiroth then morphs into a gigantic, altered form more in line with that of his mother, named Sephiroth Reborn.

Sephiroth Reborn Boss Fight

Sephiroth Reborn
ImmunitiesProportional Damage, Berserk, Deprotect, Deshell, Debrave, Defaith, Slow, Stop, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Petrify, Stone, Morphable Items
Enemy IntelN/A

Cloud vs. Sephiroth Reborn

Sephiroth Reborn is the multi-stage final boss of the game, and each stage will require entirely different approaches to come out on top. "Whisper Vortex" has SR raise an arm into the air and slam its hand down, ejecting out multiple whirlwind vortexs/tornados of Whispers across the arena that'll move around before eventually dissipating.

"Errant Whisper" will continually summon Whispers from the floor directly beneath Cloud, so stay on the move and you'll avoid them as they fire up behind you. You can truly expedite this phase by rushing towards Sephiroth Reborn immediately and locking on to its body, which is a weak spot.

Within a use or two of Braver, you can completely cripple it and cause Sephiroth Reborn to collapse through the floor of the arena. Cloud will run up the debris and you'll need to manually climb up by pushing up on the left analog stick.


After running up its arm and landing in front of the large yellow orb in its chest, walk around to the right to launch off the edge and deal a couple of automatic strikes to its head.

Resuming the fight with the upper half of Sephiroth Reborn, "Interred Horror" has SR cross its arms and continually summon multiple purple AoE explosives on the ground of the arena.

After the initial set detonate, more will appear, until a third set have detonated to conclude the attack. Keep on the move and be conscientious of your positioning and you'll be fine.

"Apocalyptic Fire" punishes you for remaining up close for too long as Sephiroth Reborn summons a burning gas cloud around itself. Damaging if it connects, you can however very easily avoid it by triggering a couple of immediate dodges backward to escape its radius.

"Hell's Gate" has Sephiroth Reborn throw an astral spear up into the air, with a circle appearing on the floor that tracks you before eventually locking in place.

As with many of the moves in this section, stay mobile and you'll avoid it as the spear crashes back down. At around 75% health, Cloud slashes SR's chest open, firing dozens of Whispers out into the air.

Bahamut Arisen Whisper Phase

Rejoining the rest of the party, Sephiroth Reborn descends to confront them and summons a Whisper in the form of the dragon Bahamut. Your goal in this phase is to kill the dragon and prevent Sephiroth Reborn from healing it whenever it attempts to.


An attack that Bahamut can perform is "Thruster Spin" in which it will ignite its wings and spin around multiple times with the flames being ejected create a wide radius that you'll want to steer clear of.

"Umbral Bombardment" has Bahamut summoning a red explosive orb in each hand which it throws in turn, each one detonating upon impact with either you or the ground. Time dodges well as each throw begins to get clear of the blast. "Flame Breath" is a self-explanatory one.

One of the more iconic attacks that will be familiar to Final Fantasy fans is "Gigaflare", where Bahamut will charge for a short period and, if you're unable to interrupt it, will launch multiple projectiles arcing in toward you, then firing a gigabeam at you that blasts the entire party across the arena.

"Homing Barrage" has Bahamut firing out a string of projectiles in stuttered waves from its wings that will all home in toward you, and if you roll as each successive round of projectiles is fired they won't hit you.

A two-move combo comes in the form of "Grim Upheaval" where Bahamut uppercuts you with a red spectral blade that will fling you into the air, and while in the air "Celestial Slash" will trigger in which it uses the red blades to slash you multiple times.

"Galewind Slash" is a thrusting stabbing attack where Bahamut uses its wings as a spearpoint to lunge at you, and "Vulcan Onslaught" is a general barrage of smaller projectiles. "Soaring Slash" is a slam attack in which Bahamut will crash its body into the ground, rise back up, and repeat the groundslam twice more.

As you stagger Bahamut, unleash any Limit Breaks you have available to deal heavy damage before it recovers, but keep some of your ATB charges across the party members as they'll prove to be invaluable very shortly.


After Bahamut recovers from the stagger, it'll retreat close to Sephiroth Reborn as it begins "Blessing of Calamity". Enshrouding Bahamut within it's large yellow wings, it'll heal Bahamut considerably if you don't interrupt it. Here is where your ATB charges will prove useful.

Target one of Sephiroth Reborn's wings and give everything you've got to deplete its health bar and cripple it. Keep in mind that Sephiroth's wings do not heal so if you fail to cripple it first time around you can pick up where you left off after staggering Bahamut again.

Once you've repeated this process and crippled both of Sephiroth Reborn's wings, Bahamut Arisen Whisper will be defeated and the fight will commence to the next phase.

Zack vs. Sephiroth Reborn

Zack lands in the bed of flowers within the Midgar church as his HP and MP are fully restored. Behind him he sees the meteor dangerously close as Sephiroth Reborn bursts forth from it.

This phase is relatively standard as you fight Sephiroth Reborn 1 on 1. You'll note that the flower patch on the ground will occasionally have a faint glowing dome appear over it.

Seeing this, you'll want to rush inside the dome to gain a temporary reprieve and full protection from SR's attacks; letting you heal up or charge your Buster Sword by holding △.

"Unholy Gate" is identical in form to Hell's Gate from the first phase, except the spear that crashes down will now remain and create an AoE hazard zone on the floor.


"Zanshin" has Sephiroth Reborn slashing at you with a spectral purple blade, sending waves of energy that arc down toward you with each attack, ending in a final big slash with "Zanshin Profaned".

With "Wail" Sephiroth Reborn can trap you in a purple orb that it raises up as it prepares "Retribution", piercing through the orb and skewering you in the air before throwing you back down to the ground.

If you manage to cripple the Chest and then stagger him during the Pressured stage, you can use your Limit Break to end this phase then and there.

Barret, Yuffie, and Red XIII vs. Sephiroth Reborn

This phase is arguably the most unique and difficult due to the stringent requirements to beat it. You'll be almost entirely reliant on magic attacks here, though it might not be immediately evident as to how or why. The Core in SR's chest is clearly the target, but you'll be able to deal essentially no damage to it until you destroy the barrier. In order to do so, you'll need to do something specific.

For this phase you'll need to pay close attention to the color of Sephiroth Reborn's wings. Each color corresponds to an element that it'll use in a subsequent attack to affect the floor of the arena, and you'll need to attack the wings with a magic type that "counters".

The wing colors are as follows, switching between each with "Altered Affinity":

  • Green wings - Wind
    • If Sephiroth Reborn has green wings, you'll want to use Lightning magic attacks
  • Blue wings - Lightning
    • If Sephiroth Reborn has blue wings, you'll want to use Wind magic attacks
  • Red wings - Fire
    • If Sephiroth Reborn has red wings, you'll want to use Ice magic attacks
  • White wings - Ice
    • If Sephiroth Reborn has white wings, you'll want to use Fire magic attacks


Stay locked-on to a wing and use the relevant magic attacks as they alternate colors, being careful to avoid the threats and/or arena effects each element applies. Use the Core as a target to help regain ATB charges faster, use consumables to restore MP as required, and make frequent use of Yuffie's Ninjitsu attack which you can use to switch between different elements.

After you cripple both wings, head straight to the Core and unleash every ATB and Limit Break attack to cripple it, Pressure Sephiroth Reborn, and begin to close out the phase. Having sunk slightly, keep the pressure on with doling out attacks but keep an eye out for "Heartless Angel" which Sephiroth Reborn will use to reduce the HP of multiple party members to 1.

This means that you'll be instantly downed up receiving any additional damage, so quickly use consumables and/or healing spells to quickly stabilize the party.

Upon getting his health to 0, this phase will conclude. Returning to Cloud in the astral space, Aerith arrives through a portal and resolves to defeat Sephiroth alongside Cloud.

Cloud and Aerith vs. Sephiroth

In this final phase, Sephiroth will go all out. Alongside the regular sword slash combos from the very first phase, Sephiroth gains access to attacks like "Grip of Fate" in which he fires out a Whisper that heads towards you and attempts to Bound you, holding you in place.

"Whisper Cannon" is a pretty explosive attack in which Sephiroth gently levitates in the air while emitting a massive stream of Whispers before slowly rotating around to do a full 360-degree spin.

The Whisper stream itself is pretty easy to stay out of the path of, and you should capitalize and target Sephiroth's wing specifically. Aerith's Sorcerous Storm is seemingly by far and away the MVP ATB ability to use during this phase, as it can immediately cripple Sephiroth's wing, making him Pressured.


"Whisper Whirlwind" sees Sephiroth plant Masamune into the ground and begin floating above it, conjuring a tornado vortex of Whispers. You can specifically target Masamune in the ground, and if you do so and deplete its health bar in time, you can completely cancel out the attack.

Sephiroth can again use "Heartless Angel" to reduce both Cloud and Aerith's HP to 1, and again you'll want to use consumables, spells, or Aerith's Limit Break if it's available to heal back up ASAP. As his health gets low, he'll trigger "The End is Nigh" in which he can perform a new attack.

This attack is "Tempus Finis", standing in place as he fires out a stream of Whispers from both arms outstretched as he rotates (almost identical to Whisper Cannon). Keep out of the way of the streams as he spins and you can still use attacks to deal damage with Sephiroth being unable to react or counter until the animation of Tempus Finis ends.

  • 3,938 EXP, 10 AP, 2,250 Gil, 50 Party EXP

Sephiroth/Sephiroth Reborn


Upon defeating Sephiroth, he flies off into the air as he chuckles to himself. As white Whispers swirl around Cloud and Aerith, she holds Cloud's hand as she returns to the lifestream.

Zack celebrates alone in the remnants of the church before turning his attention to the meteor. As he resigns himself to his fate, the floor gives way and Zack falls into a lifestream tunnel - destination unknown.

Back in the Forgotten Capital altar, the party tearfully crowd around Aerith while Cloud experiences the event differently, kneeling alone by her body. As he cradles her, he calmly asks her to wake up, which she does.


Meanwhile the party are dejected and as Cloud sits quietly, he experiences a flash of Aerith's materia falling into the water before realising she is sat next to him. She explains she'll see them off as the group begin to leave in silence.

In the Shinra Building, Rufus speaks with Glenn about how the war with the Wutai was just a distraction to keep Shinra from stopping Sephiroth. With this proclamation, Glenn laughs and applauds as he is revealed to be nothing but another robed figure aka a puppet of Sephiroth's.

Sephiroth/Glenn announce that the plan is in motion, and the "promised land" will be forged. Enraged, Rufus shoots Glenn repeatedly. Meanwhile deep in the lifestream, the Weapons fight back against the swarm of Whispers.

In the Midgar church, Zack awakens wondering if he dreamt the prior events, but acknowledges that there's a chance that worlds can unite again. In Nibelheim, the robed figures and Whispers all slowly make their way out of the village in the direction of the reactor.

In a valley, Cloud inspects Aerith's clear materia while the rest of the party work in repairing Cid's airship. Yuffie and Tifa are particularly distraught, and Red XIII speaks Aerith's name as a version of her that only Cloud can see approaches him, almost as if he can sense her presence.

Cloud then discovers he has the black materia and prepares to join the others as he embeds the black materia in his buster sword. Aerith's voice beckons out not to look up, as Cloud spots a rift in the sky - inferring the death of the planet is quickly approaching. As others look up, they see nothing.


Cloud proclaims that Sephiroth is hiding up north and that they should get going, as Yuffie and the others board the plane. Barret and Tifa are reluctant, but eventually agree to board as Barret ensures that Cloud knows that the burden is on him to resolve this.

As Cloud coldly agrees to the suggestion, he speaks alone with Aerith who promises that she'll do everything she can to stop the meteor. Cloud promises to stop Sephiroth as he boards the plane, leaving Aerith behind as the plane soars off into the distance.

Chapter 14 - End of the World

Congratulations! You've completed Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's main story!

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