Zimbabwe vs India, 1st T20I, Sat, Jul 6, India tour of Zimbabwe, 2024 (2024)

Match Story: Raza helps Zimbabwe stun India in low-scoring thriller

There we have it, Zimbabwe have trounced India and have handed them their first defeat in T20 internationals this year. Yes, this isn't India's main squad but the players that are here are well-seasoned and well-experienced in T20 cricket so they'll feel like they've let themselves down. Well, they've got another game coming up in less than 24hrs time to try and right some wrongs. We'll be back here covering all the action. This is Anurag Hegde signing off on behalf of Kumar Abhishek Das and Siva. Take care and goodbye.

Sikandar Raza | Player of the Match and Zimbabwe Captain: Feel really happy about the win. Need to take one game at a time. The job is not done, series is not over. World champions play like world champions so we need to be ready for the next game. This isn't a wicket where you get bowled out for 115. Credit to the bowlers of both sides. Clearly an indication we need to up our skills. I said I don't care about the result as long as we could be true to the crowd and changing room, we had our plans, we stuck to it and we backed our guys. Our catching and ground fielding was amazing but we did make some errors, shows there's room for improvement. We knew the fans would lift us up and give us energy, credit to them, it helped us.

Shubman Gill | India Captain: We bowled pretty well, we let ourselves down in the field. We were not up to standard and everyone looked a bit rusty. We spoke about taking time and enjoying our batting but it didn't pan out that way. Halfway through we had lost 5 wickets, would've been best for us if I stayed there till the end, very disappointed with the way I got out and the rest of the match panned out. There was a bit of hope for us but when you're chasing 115 and your no.10 batter is out there, you know something is wrong.

Clive Madande: Just wanted to play throughout the innings, tried to get as many as we could. Tried to protect my partner, ended up getting 115 which was okay on this wicket. Told him (Chatara) simple things, I tried to let him play just 2 balls in an over. We told the boys to give it our all and to give our 100% no matter what.

India becomes the first Full member team to lose a T20I after getting the opposition's ninth wicket down for less than 100 runs.

4/13 is the joint best figures by an Indian bowler in a T20I defeat alongside Bhuvneshwar Kumar's 4/13 against South Africa in Cuttack in 2022.

Lowest all out totals for India in T20Is
74 vs Aus Melbourne 2008
79 vs NZ Nagpur 2016
92 vs SA Cuttack 2015
101 vs SL Pune 2016
102 vs Zim Harare 2024 *
102 is their lowest all out total in T20Is in the last eight years.

Lowest totals successfully defended by Zimbabwe in T20Is
105 vs WI Port of Spain 2010
115 vs Ind Harare 2024 *
117 vs Ire Dublin 2021
118 vs Pak Harare 2021
124 vs Ire Bready 2021

Lowest targets successfully defended against India in T20Is
116 Zim Harare 2024 *
127 NZ Nagpur 2016
131 SA Nottingham 2009
146 Zim Harare 2016
150 WI Tarouba 2023

Most consecutive wins in T20Is (including Super Over wins)
13 Malaysia (2022)
13 Bermuda (2021-23)
12 Afghanistan (2018-19)
12 Romania (2020-21)
12 India (2021-22)
12 India (2023-24) - streak has ended today

** First defeat for India in 2024 in T20 Internationals

16:30 Local Time, 14:30 GMT, 20:00 IST: Famous win for Zimbabwe here as they've shocked this inexperienced Indian line-up. India fall short by 13 runs when they had only 116 to chase. They'll be mighty disappointed with this. Earlier, led by Bishnoi's 4-fer, India restricted Zimbabwe to a 115/9. With Zimbabwe 9 down, Madande and Chatara shared a 25-run stand for the last wicket with Madande scoring all of the runs. As it turns out, those runs scored by Madande right at the end proved to be the difference. Yet, India would've backed themselves to get these runs. Things started very poorly though and the Indian batters will look back on their shot selection. Debutants Sharma and Parag failed to impress, Gaikwad got a peach and Rinku was bounced out - all inside the powerplay. With 4 wickets down that early, India were always playing catch-up. Gill looked good while he was out there but was undone by Raza. It was only downhill from that stage as the asking rate kept shooting up while India continued to lose wickets. It all came down to Washington Sundar who had a slim opportunity to bail India out but with 30 needed off the last 3 overs with just 1 wicket in hand, it was too tough an ask.



Chatara to Washington Sundar, out Caught by Muzarabani!! Zimbabwe win! The crowd are absolutely ecstatic and so are the Zimbabwe players! Banged in short on middle, Washington Sundar looked to pull and was in no position, it took the top-edge and lobbed up towards backward square leg. Muzarabani ran across and took it safely. Washington Sundar c Muzarabani b Chatara 27(34) [4s-1 6s-1]

Chatara to Washington Sundar, THATS OUT!! Caught!!


Chatara to Washington Sundar, no run, another dot! Length delivery outside off, Washington Sundar can only manage to slap it down towards long-off

14 needed off 3


Chatara to Washington Sundar, no run, great fielding! Full and outside off, Washington Sundar sliced it away towards deep cover, Campbell there does really well, dives to his left and cuts it off, Khaleel nearly ran two as he was sent back, surely they could've taken two there

14 needed off 4


Chatara to Washington Sundar, 2 runs, slower ball dug into the track on leg-stump, Washington Sundar looked to pull but it never arrived, got a top-edge and managed to get it over the man at short fine-leg, Muzarabani gave it chase and did very well to pull this one back in

Zimbabwe vs India, 1st T20I, Sat, Jul 6, India tour of Zimbabwe, 2024 (2024)


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