9 of Amy Winehouse's most iconic looks (2024)

9 of Amy Winehouse's most iconic looks (1)
  • The first trailer for the upcoming Amy Winehouse biopic dropped on Thursday.
  • Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, "Back to Black" stars actorMarisa Abela in the pivotal role.
  • Before the film's release in May, take a look back through Winehouse's most iconic looks.

The first trailer for the upcoming Amy Winehouse biopic "Back to Black" was released on Thursday.

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Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, the film — set to be released on May 10 —will see actor Marisa Abela capture Winehouse's rise to fame, her talent, her relationships, and her substance addiction, which ultimately led to her death at age 27 in 2011.

Besides her distinctive vocals, part of what made Winehouse one of the most recognizable figures in the music industry was her unique fashion. Like her music blended genres, Winehouse's style combined different trends —from retro-inspired looks to rock 'n' roll outfits.

These iconic outfits prove Winehouse's impact on fashion and music lives on.

In 2003, Winehouse showed a love of bold prints and feminine silhouettes in a red floral sundress.

Amy Winehouse performing onstage in 2003. Ian Dickson/Redferns

Winehouse's stylist and friend Naomi Parry said that the "Back to Black" singer never shied away from expressing her individuality through fashion.

"Amy dressed how she wanted to dress," Parry told uDiscover Music. "No one ever told her."

At a ceremony announcing the shortlist for the 2004 Brit Awards, Winehouse was all smiles in a gothic-style corset dress.

Amy Winehouse arrives at the announcement of the shortlist for the Brit Awards at the Park Lane Hotel on January 12, 2004. Steve Finn/Getty Images

Winehouse, who won the best female solo artist award at the 2004 Brit Awards, layered the scarlet satin Karen Millen dress over a black lace bra and accessorized with a black leather clutch.

Her styling choice proved Winehouse was decades ahead of her time, as the exposed-bra look was one of the hottest red-carpet trends in 2023.

The dress later sold at an auction for $31,250.

For her live performance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Winehouse wore a striped minidress with her now-iconic beehive hairstyle.

Amy Winehouse performs on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on April 24, 2007. Dave Bjerke/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Winehouse began rocking her trademark exaggerated beehive hairstyle in 2007, following the music video for "Back to Black."

Her hairstylist, Alex Foden, later revealed that the heavily backcombed hairstyle initially started as "a joke" on the music video set, Metro UK reported.

"As a joke, I backcombed her hair massively and put an extra packet of hair in," Foden said. "I said, 'There you go, let's go and show the finished look,' taking the piss obviously, and as we came out the trailer, everybody went, 'Oh my God! That is it, that is the signature look.'"

In 2007, she returned to the Brit Awards in a neon minidress accessorized with a kitschy heart-shaped purse.

Amy Winehouse at the BRIT Awards on February 14, 2007. Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Winehouse was never afraid to experiment with bold colors and playful accessories. She paired the yellow minidress from Preen with red satin heels, a matching nail color, red polka-dot hoop earrings, and a heart-shaped purse —a subtle nod to the awards taking place on Valentine's Day.

Her stylist, Parry, later told Grazia that the singer was such a fan of the dress and "just felt amazing" on the night that she bought half of the collection afterward.

She put on a memorable performance at Coachella wearing mini jean shorts, a white tank, and sky-high platform heels.

Amy Winehouse performs at Coachella on April 27, 2007. Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Casual, yet memorable —the simple ensemble that Winehouse wore when she graced the stage at Coachella in 2007 consisted of blue jean shorts, a rust-colored belt, patterned heels, and a tank top exposing colorful bra straps.

The outfit was likely one of Winehouse's favorites, as she wore an identical look to the Isle of White festival in the UK months later.

Winehouse's 2008 Glastonbury set may have been shrouded in controversy, but the cobalt-blue dress she wore is nothing but iconic.

Amy Winehouse performs at the Glastonbury Festival on June 28, 2008. Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Winehouse wore a deep-blue minidress adorned with floral appliqué. Staying true to her individuality, she accessorized her beehive with three colorful drink umbrellas.

The dress may be one of the most recognizable from her music career, but the performance she wore it for became memorable for the wrong reasons.

During her set, Winehouse was filmed getting into a physical altercation with a fan, who later said the incident was a case of mistaken identity.

"I saw a hat being thrown from behind me, and it hit Amy's beehive," the fan told the BBC, according to NME. "She looked down, saw me looking up, and her elbow went for me."

"At the end of the day, it is all part of being at the front and being pushed by thousands of people," the fan added. "It is all part of the Glastonbury experience. I'm just pleased I got to see her. She did a great act."

Winehouse gave Betty Boop the rock 'n' roll treatment at a Scottish festival in 2008.

Amy Winehouse performing at T in the Park festival in 2008. Ross Gilmore/Redferns

Winehouse wore red denim shorts with a classic early 2000s chunky belt. She paired it with a black tank top under a cropped leather jacket.

The look was yet another example of Winehouse's love of retro-inspired clothing pieces and how she was able to make them edgy enough for the era.

During a surprise London performance in 2010, Winehouse took to the stage in a daring low-cut tank top with an exposed bra.

Amy Winehouse at the 100 Club in London on July 6, 2010. Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Winehouse, who joined her friend and producer Mark Ronson onstage for the surprise performance, paired the low-cut tank top and white lace bra with jeans and heels.

As with nearly every performance where she wore her beehive hairstyle, she accessorized with a colorful hairpiece.

Winehouse's final live performance took place at a Serbian festival in 2011, where she wore a bamboo-printed minidress made by her stylist.

Amy Winehouse performs in Belgrade, Serbia, on June 18, 2011. Brian Rasic/Getty Images

The green-and-black striped minidress featured a halterneck neckline and was designed by Winehouse's close friend and stylist, Parry.

It would be the last iconic minidress Winehouse wore onstage. A month after performing at the 2011 Summer Festival Tour in Belgrade, Serbia, she died from accidental alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011.

In 2021, the dress sold at an auction for $243,200. The proceeds went to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity organization founded by her family that supports vulnerable young adults and raises awareness about substance addiction.


9 of Amy Winehouse's most iconic looks (2024)


What was Amy Winehouse's fashion style? ›

Bold patterns like black and white polka dots or checks, along with vintage floral dresses, were also among Amy's fashion staples; she frequently wore a timeless white sleeveless t-shirt with a visible bra, which she often paired with neon-coloured hoop earrings or clips in her thick, jet-black hair.

What aesthetic was Amy Winehouse? ›

Although she only released two albums, Amy Winehouse was a sensation during her career. Her aesthetic crossed over from music to design quickly — a cross between early 60s soul-girl glamour and post-punk edginess.

Why is Amy Winehouse iconic? ›

Hailing from London Amy Winehouse touched the world with her remarkable vocal talents and distinctive style. Her blues inspired, soul-drenched songs scored her 5 Grammy Awards and a horde of adoring fans.

How was Amy Winehouse's hair so big? ›

Ahead of the tenth anniversary of her death on 23 July, he recounted the creation of her iconic look. “As a joke, I backcombed her hair massively and put an extra packet of hair in,” he told the Sunday People. “It was never meant to be that big so I said, 'let's turn you into a caricature'.

Why did Amy Winehouse wear ballet shoes? ›

Winehouse had a preference for actual ballet flats. As she wore them increasingly during her Indie Sleeze moment. People (as well as paparazzi) would see her walking the streets of Camden or even in court wearing a pair of pink satin ballerina shoes.

What surgery did Amy Winehouse have? ›

She had breast enlargement surgery more than a year before her death and considered plastic surgery on her nose. Amy Winehouse's strong will may have helped her during her career, but it didn't help with substance abuse, her father writes. "Long before Amy was an addict, no one could tell her what to do," he writes.

Did Amy Winehouse have her teeth fixed? ›

Amy Winehouse is all smiles these days – after finally being granted a US visa and getting her teeth fixed.

What ethnicity was Amy Winehouse? ›

Winehouse was born in north London to a Jewish family. She and her elder brother, Alex, were raised primarily by their mother, a pharmacist, who divorced their father, a taxicab driver, when Winehouse was 9 years old.

Who did Amy Winehouse idolize? ›

Aretha Franklin

Gospel music had a major impact on Amy and her style of songwriting, stating she admired about "truthful" the genre was. Earlier on in her career, she had "been listening to a lot of gospel singers like Mahalia Jackson and Aretha Franklin.

What was Amy Winehouse's famous quote? ›

Life is short. Anything could happen and it usually does, so there is no point in sitting around thinking about all the ifs, ands and buts.

Was Amy Winehouse big in America? ›

It has been notoriously difficult for U.K. pop artists to make a real dent in the sprawling States, but on her seminal second record, Back To Black, Amy Winehouse was welcomed into the country's music scene by fellow musicians and fans alike.

Was Amy Winehouse a gothic? ›

Whilst Amy Winehouse's narrative is not fictional, the events and circ*mstances of her life can be mapped with reference to specific Gothic literary tropes and metaphors.

Is Amy Winehouse retro? ›

Since making a splash with her debut album, Frank, in 2003, Winehouse never strayed from being authentically herself. She had a consistent love for both retro sounds and style. For performance outfits, she frequently borrowed from the 1950s (although she added her own grunge to them).

What style is Back to Black by Amy Winehouse? ›

She had on these very wide palazzo pants, which she wears so elegantly. In the opening moments of the film, she wears a leopard-print, vintage Dolce silk blouse. There was such femininity but also power in the way she dressed, and I think Amy tried to emulate that in her own style.

What is Amy Winehouse considered? ›

Many people regard Amy Winehouse as a pop star, but few realized that her distinctive vocal style was shaped by her love for jazz as a youngster.


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